Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Well being of Te Reo Maori Survey

Information about the survey

Our school is taking part in a trial of a student survey. Some researchers from the

New Zealand Council for Educational Research have developed a draft survey. They

are now trialling it with some schools to check it works well.

 The survey is about the wellbeing of te reo Māori at school, the survey asks for your

thoughts and feelings about te reo Māori at school.

 Your survey will be kept confidential. No students that take part in the survey will be

able to be identified. It is an anonymous survey.

 Your teachers, parents, families and whanau won’t see your responses at any time

 You don’t have to do the survey but NZCER would really like to hear your views.

The information you give will assist your school to understand what you think about

te reo Māori at school. It will also help NZCER make the survey better. You can opt

out of the whole survey or stop answering part-way through with no negative

consequences if you choose not to do the survey. If you start the survey and don’t

want to answer a question, you will be able to skip it.


 The survey should take about 20 minutes.

Most questions ask you to select one box. Please think carefully about each


 Please try to answer every question.

 There are no right or wrong answers. Please pick the answer that is closest to how

you feel.

 If you don’t feel comfortable answering a question, it is okay to leave it unanswered.

You can move on to the next question.

 If you want to change an answer, just select a new answer.

 You will not be asked to put your name on the survey. It is confidential (private); only

the researchers will know how you answered the questions.

 When you have finished, make sure you click on the submit button.
To access the survey use the following website and token.

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