Sunday, 5 February 2017

Pi & Sigma Maths Groups

Some possible topics to think about for your Statistical Investigation.

Uniform: Is it time for a change?
- Looking at whether students/teachers/parents believe our uniform is outdated or not needed
How dangerous is our school’s street?
- Looking at our school’s street and the traffic, the number of cars, cyclists and pedestrians,  then comparing to other schools
Do we spend too much time looking at a device and not enough time in books?
- Looking how much video games and television are watched compared to books that are read at home
Are we safe on the road?
- Looking at numerous aspects of road safety (eg. seatbelts, cars not indicating, cars not stopping at stop signs, cars cutting corners)
Should fast food be on the menu?
- Looking at the nutritional value of fast food and how much it is consuming by people

What are the reasons families immigrated to New Zealand?
- Looking at how many families immigrate and their reasons

You hopefully have even better ideas! Will be checking in Thursday so we can get started. Good luck!

Mrs O

P.S. If you finish the checklist and worksheet, go to BBC Bitesize to do some more on median, mean, mode and range.

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