Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Homework revamp!

Monday 1st May 2017

Dear Parents and Whānau
Home learning Revamp
After reflection on our Term 1 homework and feedback from whānau and students, it has been decided that for Term 2 we will modify our homework expectations and how it will be run.

We want to create a homework system that encourages small, regular home learning that is meaningful, supports what is being learnt in class and encompasses both our Club R3 values and the Key Competencies in the NZ Curriculum- thinking, using language symbols and texts, self-management, relating to others, and participating and contributing.
We also want to acknowledge the many additional out of school activities and sports that our students are involved in, as well as valuing the importance of family time in the evenings and weekends.

Every week there will continue to be an expectation that students will:

  • Read daily for at least 20 minutes and complete the provided reading log.
  • Practise either basic facts speed and accuracy or a current concept being covered in class using the online websites provided.
  • Learn their 10 spelling words and complete the spelling sentences to show understanding of what the words that are being learned mean so they can be used with confidence.

In addition to this there will be an OPTIONAL Kahikatea Homework Challenge for those students who wish to participate.

Our Kahikatea Homework Challenge is optional, that means that your child can choose to complete the Kahikatea Homework Challenge if they want to. These Kahikatea Homework Challenges are based around our Club R3 values: Respectful, Responsible, Real Learner.

The challenges recognise the importance of family time and all of the things that your child does outside of school hours. At the end of each term, students who have completed the Kahikatea Homework Challenge will receive a certificate of recognition.

Teachers will support students with the challenges when required and they will approve and help with student designed challenges. This will help students to follow their own interests. Teachers will give feedback as every student will complete challenges differently, given their own progress as learners.

We hope that this revamp will provide a more motivating and individualised approach to Home Learning for our students.
As always we appreciate your support, and welcome any feedback and comments around this revamp that you may have.

Kind regards
Sarah Cooper, Keshia Johnson and Briarne Oldham.

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